Upgrading to WordPress 2.5

Wordpress 2.5 Upgrade

Ok, so I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.5, and so far I’m pretty impressed with the new admin interface. The upgrade itself went pretty smoothly and also prompted me to create a scheduled database backup, which is something I should have done straight from the start.

A New Interface

There’s plenty of useful new features, mostly for the admin end of things. The two I like the most are the new multi-upload capability and the widigitized dashboard. And as any modern web-based software should, it sports a host of Ajax style features including new editing tools, and an updated plugin section.

Heating Up the Competition

Earlier in the month, whilst setting up this blog I considered a number of other blogging tools, including B2Evolution – a branch off from the original WordPress, Movable Type, and Textpattern. After some testing and poking around I decided to go with WordPress because of three key reasons:

  • The flexible open source GPL licence
  • The simple intuitive interface
  • A straightforward templating system

I don’t think any of the other blogging software out at the moment can match WordPress for it’s ease of use and customisation, yet there are still some who are moaning about it’s lack of features for multi-user blogs.

Bending it Your Way

WordPress is an open source project and much if it’s development is contributed by the dedicated members of it’s community. If the new release of WordPress doesn’t provide you with what you need then I say it’s your own fault for not getting involved and encouraging it’s development in a direction that suits you.

I for one am, so far, delighted with the new release and encourage the continued development of a great tool that is largely responsible for the explosive growth of bloggers on the Internet. To the nay sayers, all I can say is “get involved!”.

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