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The Irish Blogosphere – Room for More?


I’ve had various things hosted at over the years (since 2001). Sometimes it was a personal site, other times a photo gallery, but mostly it’s been an under construction page.

Being a web developer, I think it’s only right that I’m a little more active on my own site. Granted, it’s one of the only sites I can work on that I won’t get paid for (unless I pay myself somehow) but I think there’s something far more important on the cards: blogging, and all that comes with it.

Blogging has become part and parcel of the digital professional, and I think it’s time I gave it a shot. From what I’ve read choosing the right blog topic is as important as actually writing the stuff. So to give you a sneak peek, or to save you some time if you don’t think you’ll be interested, here’s what I’ll be blogging about:

  • Web Design
  • Web Based Technical Stuff
  • Software Engineering
  • Gadgets I Like and Gadgets I Don’t Like
  • Interesting Stories I’ve Heard
  • Travel Experience
  • Social Commentary
  • Reviews of Gigs, Movies, Plays, Shows etc.
  • Scouting Ireland

I know this list includes a wide range of topics, but I’m sure over the next little while, I’ll find my voice and the whole thing will become a little more focused and coherent. But until then I’ll blog about whatever I think is worthy. If you think it’s rubbish you can always leave a comment to that effect, either way, I’d love to hear some feedback and for others to get involved.

More posts on their way.