Microsoft’s Mesh Operating Environment

This morning, Microsoft launched a preview of what they’re calling the Mesh Operating Environment (MOE). It’s an online platform geared at solving the device divergence, data convergence issue that I wrote about recently.

From the new website, here’s the official description:

“Live Mesh puts you at the center of your digital world, seamlessly connecting you to the people, devices, programs, and information you care about— available wherever you happen to be.”

Sounds like the perfect solution, except it’ll only support windows devices (for now). See Scoble’s review for the full background to the launch.

Why Am I Interested?

This is Microsoft’s first real attempt at an online application. When it’s fully launched (probably in October this year), it’ll no doubt prove extremely popular, and as a developer I need to make sure that my own applications will be ready when this happens.

Microsft’s Mesh is going to provide a few interesting ways for developers to hook in their own applications. It’ll support ‘two-way RSS’ and have a RESTful API. Both of which combined enable other applications to fully interact with the MOE.

So why am I interested again? I’m interested because if this is where the community is going, my applications will need to provide tight integration options with it.

Critical Mass of Adoption

Once there are enough people using it, and I don’t think that’ll take too long (there are over 10,000 beta testers alone), Microsoft’s Mesh will likely become a one stop shop for online file management.

If it’s possible to integrate this online file system with existing web applications (my own included), which I think it will be, then people’s expectations of traditionally ‘stand-alone’ web applications will sky rocket.

Having fragmented data strewn across the Internet at various locations may not cut it anymore. People want their data in a central location (at least I do), so if I stumble across a web application that does what I need and also integrates with my existing online storage, I’ll be sold on the spot.

Now all I need is a beta preview account to help me prepare. Anyone feeling generous?


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  1. BellaKitty says:

    Great post. This is why MS will never die. Sadly for linux heads like me lol. Nah I use windows daily. Just kidding.

    Jul 14, 2009

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