Tuesday Push – IGOpeople

Tuesday Push for IGOpeople

I’m a little late on this because of a few deadlines yesterday but the Tuesday Push is back and this week we’re pushing IGOpeople, ‘a network for the real world’.

There are advantages though in writing at the tail end of a push because a lot of good reviews have already been done. So instead of writing another [a post explaining what IGOpeople is], I’m going to show how the IGOpeople team are leading by example and engaging in their community and learning from the feedback they receive.

Instant Engagement

The first post I ever put up on IGOpeople generated 3 Thumbs Up, 7 comments, and has been viewed 86 times. It was a thread called “IGO back to Twitter” and was a tongue in cheek way of firing some tough feedback back across to the IGO team.

I challenged them on the point that despite how great their site is (and it’s very good) I doubted that it would attract great numbers of users because the early adopter community was already on Twitter and seemed very happy there.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. Both their CEO and Lead Developer replied to the post and actively engaged with me on the feedback I gave them.

The responses they gave me may not have convinced me to switch over, but I was definitely impressed by how they reacted the to challenge and the positive way in which they received it.

Quick Fixes

Within 24 hours of my original post, the IGO team had added a new feature to each post to allow users to publish part of their post on Twitter. Now I’ll agree that that doesn’t solve the issue entirely but it’s a start, and it shows that the people behind IGO are willing to listen to their community and give them what they want.

As I understand it now, they’re working on new ways to bring the Twitter community and the IGOpeople network closer together. I’m not sure how they plan to do this, but one useful way would be to let users import their followers to save them having to start a new community from scratch.

But there are other ways too, and because of the active way in which the IGO team have responded to feedback, I have no doubt any more that if there’s something that can be done to make IGOpeople a success, then Campbell, Darragh and the rest of the team there will do everything they can to make it happen.

Remember, It’s Irish

On a final note, I’d just like to mention that IGOpeople is an Irish startup.

We talk a lot about the lack of startup community in this country, always moaning that Silicon Valley is where we should all be. Personally I couldn’t disagree with this more (but that’s for another post). The more we encourage each other and actively use and promote other Irish startups, then the more likely we are to emerge successful.

That’s the reason I take part in Damien’s Tuesday Push, because a rising tide lifts all ships. If we are to become truly competitive and successful on a global scale, we need to come together, speak as one and bring attention to ourselves by shouting out loudly that Ireland is the best place on earth to run a startup. If we don’t believe it, then there’s no way anyone else will.

My hat’s off to the guys at IGOpeople, because they’re actually doing it. They’ve built something and they’re bringing it to the rest of the world. We need a hundred more of these. Roll on next weeks Tuesday Push.

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