Announcing the Webstrong Blog

Announcing the Webstrong Blog

I’ve been planning the launch of the Webstrong Blog for a while now, and I’m delighted to say that I’ve finally kicked it off. The new blog will focus solely on developments within the web community and news relating to the company. It’ll be a platform for honest, transparent and inspiring stories on business in Ireland, building web apps, and running a software company.

I think the new blog comes at a good time because I’m at another stage of major change in the business. For one, my time in the Hothouse is coming to an end and I’m looking at expanding my team again. Plus I have a great new office lined up too, which I’ll announce as soon as I’ve signed the deal.

Keeping Up Two Blogs

A concern I had when deciding to launch the Webstrong Blog was that this blog, my personal blog, would suffer as a result. But the reality is that Webstrong is a lot more then just me now, and together with my team we’ll be writing posts from all angles and opinions. So it won’t be just me posting on it, which should make things a little more interesting.

The Big Brand Decision

One big decision that most bloggers must have to make is whether to brand their blog as a personal one or as a business. I reckon it depends which one has the bigger voice, is most important to you, most appealing to your audience and most marketable overall. For me, that used to be an easy decision, but I think it’s time now to give the company an identity all of its own.

I’ll be posting in both places now. So go check out for more information.

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