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From the Ashes of Failure

Ashes of Failure

Almost everyone who succeeds, fails the first time. In fact they usually fail many times before they get it right. Failure, it seems, is a key ingredient in the success of any business, project or person.

What can we learn from this? Well, if anything it’s that failure is just a stepping stone to success. And there are few better examples of this than Abraham Lincoln. The man failed at almost every point in his life, right up until he became the U.S. President, and the most powerful man in the world at that time. See for yourself.

One of my heroes, Guy Kawasaki summed it up nicely when he said “if you succeeded at everything you did, what would you have learned along the way”?

This truth became clear to me when I tried to build my first pc. I naively went out and bought a processor and a motherboard, stupidly thinking they would just ‘work’ together. Of course they didn’t. I then bought a system fan and a few other bits and pieces like memory and a graphics card. There was problems with all of those too. But despite the challenges, I over came them and I learned a ton about computer hardware in doing so. And to be honest, I’m not so sure I would have learned as much if everything had worked together first time. The end result was a killer system that I knew inside out.

The bottom line is, don’t worry about failing, just make sure that when it happens you get up and try again. You’ll eventually get it. Remember, you’re always stronger and wiser the second time around.

Even Michael Jordan knows that failure is just a part of success: [Thanks Dave].

Rediscover Your Individualty

School Journals Throughout the Years

I was going through some old folders on my laptop this week, tidying things up and I found some old scans that I’d done of my school journal covers. 

Channelled Expression

The journal cover was one of the few ways I could express my individuality in school. So, I made the most of it, and it’s amazing how creative you can be on such a small canvas when you’re restricted by so many [school] rules.

I think most teenagers have a natural urge to express their individuality and I was no different. It’s a pity blogging wasn’t around back then because I can only imagine the type of controversial, angst ridden rants that I would have put down. Especially after a tough day or a row with my parents. It would have been really cool to be able to look back on them now.

But, it wasn’t, so all I have are these scrap book collections stuck onto the covers of my old school journals. 

These young bloggers don’t know how good they have it.

Forgotten Interests

Seeing these old covers also reminds me how much passion and I had for my hobbies at the time. Mostly mountain biking, dirt jumping, rock music and dry comedy. It makes me want to bring back some of those interests and use them as fuel for my life at the moment. Whether it be for fun, for work, or just plain living.

These quirky interests are what makes us different from everyone else. They make us us, and gives us our individuality. The Internet is a massive place and a world where everyone tries to create more noise, bigger hype and generate more interest then those around them (they might not admit to it, but they are) and it’s your individuality and quirkiness that will help you get noticed.

So if you’ve got some old school journal covers, works of art as a kid, silly old recordings, or funny moments caught on camera why not take them out and dust them off, because it’s those kinds of things that make you unique.

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No Jokes Here on April Fools’

April Fools - Who\'s Laughing Now?

First off, just in case there’s any misunderstanding. This IS an April Fools’ post. But unlike the others I’ve read today this NOT a joke, it’s a rant.

The April Fools’ tradition is a complete. Waste. Of. Time (say it slowly). It’s a waste of time for the people playing the jokes and it’s an even bigger waste of time for those who fall for them.

It’s not even midday yet and already I’ve been bombarded with wind-ups on the radio, in the press, and online. These fictitious stories have wasted my time, annoyed me, and confused me. Some of them are very believable, at least a the start of the article. They usually get more ridiculous as you read down through them, testing the audience on what they can get away with.

Take Advantage

My message to everyone reading this is to take advantage of all this goofing off and to use it to make grounds on everyone around you taking part in this farce. I might come off here sounding like the guy that ruined the party, but come on people! We’re in a recession and the last thing we can afford to do is spend a whole day of the year playing jokes on each other.

They say that when there’s fire in the streets, buy property. Well when there’s people goofing off all around you it’s time take advantage and gain some ground on your competitors.

Ignoring Today’s Press

I get distracted with my RSS feed at the best of times, but to read the drivel that’s been coming through on blogs and news sources that I admire and respect is just too much. So, I’ll be ignoring all media sources for the rest of the day. In the mean time I’ll be busy developing my business, doing deals, and earning money.

Enjoy the rest of April Fool’s people. And like they say in Dragon’s Den: I’m out.