The Board – Launching in Ireland

The Board

Today we’re launching a totally new business concept called The Board. It’s aimed exclusively at business owners to help them grow their business, solve issues, and fulfil their potential as entrepreneurs.

We’ve been quietly trialling The Board for the past 18 months, tweaking it’s format, figuring out what works and getting feedback from a selection of trial members. Now though, we’re ready to launch it as a fully blown business and can start accepting applications for membership.

We have secured funds from a number of private investors and are excited to be hosting our first official board meeting tonight in Dublin.

What is The Board?

The Board is a support group for your business, provided in the form of structured monthly board meetings. Each meeting is chaired by a trained facilitator who’s role is to ensure that the agenda is adhered to and that everyone gets to an even share of the allocated time.

Board members are made up of other business owners in non-competing businesses, often in very complimentary sectors.

Throughout the trials, we’ve found that typical areas of discussion include:

  • improving cashflow;
  • growing sales;
  • seeking advice in gaining grant aid;
  • staff issues;
  • etc.

What Next?

I’ll write up a whole lot more about this over the coming weeks as further announcements happen, but for now, if this looks like something you’d be interested in then head over to and signup for an info pack.

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  1. Michael FitzGerald says:

    Great work Iarfhlaith! Looking forward to seeing this concept. I think it’s a great idea and well needed. Start-ups have so much to focus on re getting in business that they don’t have the time to improve their own efficiencies, company structure and any legal/employment issues.

    Apr 6, 2010
  2. Iarfhlaith says:

    Thanks Michael,

    A huge amount if work has gone into this so far, but we’ve really only just scratched the surface. Most businesses fail because of a lack of focus by the business owner. Even though I’m helping to setup the business, I’m also a member representing Webstrong, and I’ve found The Board really helps me prioritise my efforts and focus on the real issues, not just the urgent ones. The feedback and advice from the other business owners is invaluable to me, which is why I believe in the concept so much.

    It’s worked for us. And I think it’ll help a ton of other businesses too.

    Apr 6, 2010

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