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Most of the time when I introduce a new app or website it’s usually to promote a hair-brained idea I’ve had. Some flight of fancy that I’ve been working on in my spare time. I’m usually so excited by whatever the crazy idea is that I charge straight past the sensible pre-production steps such as market research, feasibility, finance, and competitive analysis. I forget to do any proper research or preparation and I go straight out and start building. I hack away at it for a couple of weeks and then launch a teaser website just to see if there’s any interest. In short – many of my ideas are ill-considered, badly managed, and often never see the light of day. But – is different. It wasn’t my idea, it has been properly planned, the market research proves the demand, it’s fully financed, there are amazing people involved, and because of all this, I’m backing this project 100%. is the result of 12 months hard work from Keelin Harty, my best friend in the whole world. As many of you know she’s incredibly special to me in so many ways and to see her take the leap into a web startup leaves me in absolute awe of her determination, focus, vision, passion and leadership. All of which she has channeled over the last year into an idea that’s letting her follow her dreams. As you can tell, I’m just bursting with pride so without any more fanfare let me introduce you to is a web app built for Debs Committees to let them plan and book their debs online. It has been built specifically for Irish Debs Committees to help them book their hotel, select their menu, choose a photographer, a coach, a band, a DJ and even to have the night themed. Along with making the job of organising a debs easier, the app helps the committee to promote and sell the tickets to the event online.

Each feature has been carefully considered, researched, and built with the committee in mind. In co-operation with many 6th year students, Keelin has carefully worked through every possible need the committee may have to ensure that using helps them spend less time managing such an important event and ensuring that their special night goes off without a hitch.

Along with benefits for the committee, the app also makes things easier for the hotel and other suppliers. It’s easy for them to accept new booking requests, get all the information they need, and get paid and the end of it all. And for students, it’s beneficial too as they can make payments online, stay informed on the progress of organising the debs and stay up to speed on what’s happening next.

The app becomes available to students in September at the start of the school year. In the mean time if you’re in business and you are looking to sell into the lucrative debs market, then please sign up under the right category and get your business listed on In particular if you’re a hotel owner, run a transport company, are a freelance photographer, play in a band, or work as a niteclub DJ, then get yourself listed on as soon as possible.

A huge thanks to Michael Bradley at for his tireless hard work behind the scenes for the last 6 months, to Phil Brant for his instrumental help early in the project, and also to Luciano Jardim for creating so many beautiful designs in his limited spare time. You guys have been amazing – now it’s over to us to make it all worth while.

You’ll start to hear more and more about in the coming months and there are a few more surprises planned along the way too.

This isn’t a hair brained idea or a crazy flight of fancy. This is a real business with a real crack at something special. It solves a genuine problem and it does it beautifully. That’s why I’m supporting Keelin on this completely. Check out the website for more details, and don’t forget to tell any students you know who are going into 6th year this September. The Leaving Cert is stressful enough without having to worry about organising your school’s debs ball. makes that much easier. Let Keelin and her team help you, because that’s what she does best.

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